Some call it the lightbulb moment, but I call it the sleep induced delirium when I came up with this great (or terrible, could go either way) idea of creating this blog for all our musings. Or it could just be me being too lazy to scroll up 50 times on my tiny phone when conversation flows in our Whatsapp group to catch up with you people’s adventures. In any case, I hope that this is a useful outlet for all to share thoughts, stories, recipes, basically anything you want! Do not fret about formalities and such trivial things. This is a platform to write about anything your heart so desires!

I picked a theme that looks to have many pages and I haven’t gotten around to customising everything yet, so please feel free to edit those. If you’re really keen, you can even change the theme when you are rostered on. The roster is currently pretty long, so if people are keen, we can possibly try having more than one person edit each week. Otherwise, I really hope that this will become a handy platform for us to share!


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