I finally got around to doing up the bird bath I rescued from my neighbour. I had gone to her place to help chuck out some stuff during the council clean up week and had actually eyed it off as soon as soon as I got to her place. So I was estactic when she said she didn’t want it anymore ๐Ÿ˜„


Now I’m hoping the birds will stay away from my babies…



6 thoughts on “Succ on this, birds!

    • Thanks! I can’t wait for them to fill out the whole bird bath! No lithops, they’re way too temperamental and I keep killing them. I’ve passed on my remaining ones to my mum to look after.

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    • It was in the settings section of the blog post (same area where you select categories and tags, etc). There weren’t any photos to pick from apart from the ones you had used already so I had to upload them.


  1. That’s so beautiful! Is the place where you are a cat containment area? Where I now it is and the birds come and go like nobody’s business!


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