Some of you may be wondering what I have been up in the last few years.  There has been a lot of change with travelling overseas, getting married, moving houses and changing work just to say a few.  Today, I will share a bit about work.

When I first graduated, I worked full time at Specsavers on the Gold Coast for a few years, commuting to and from Brisbane.  I rarely drove while I was university so it was a quite hard getting used to driving nearly two hours a day.   The biggest blessing was learning more in the first three months of work than I did in my five years studying optometry.

The daily grind of driving eventually took a toll on me, spending at least ten hours a week on the road.  I constantly felt tired and I did not have a great work-life balance.  I also found work life was becoming too repetitive and I was getting bored.  I was ready to try something different in 2015 and step outside of the corporate world of optometry.  I was very fortunate that a job opportunity pretty much fell in my lap few months later.  A friend of my husband’s was expecting a baby in early 2016.   I was offered a part-time position for twelve months in Logan in a private practice while she took maternity leave.

Since early 2016, I have been a contractor (locum) optometrist working at various practices.  I generally work three days at Logan and Mondays at Specsavers still on the coast.  I initially found transitioning from being a full-time employee to being contractor was a daunting especially regarding job security.   A contractor gets paid a higher rate for work but can be terminated without notice.

Overall, I have enjoyed being a contractor and have rarely been short of work.  I love working with a small team of ladies in Logan and having so much more time with my patients.  I also love getting home an hour earlier each day!  I definitely feel I have a much better work-life balance and have more flexibility to travel and take leave when required.  The thing I love most is being seeing a wide range of patients in different practices.   I am sure 2017 will bring more change!


4 thoughts on “Transitioning through work and life

  1. Heya! RM long time no talk~*
    Great that you are finding a variety of interesting work!
    I have also come to realise that you really do need to enjoy your work – it just takes up such a huge chunk of life, so you really need to like it!
    Thanks for the post~ 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing RM!

    It’s an interesting perspective about accepting part-time/casual work. Some people do it a lot in some professions. Some day I would love to try this but I think I’d be concerned about job stability, as you had mentioned in your post. Would love to talk to you more about it offline 🙂


  3. I reckon being a contractor is actually probably a better deal than full-time work 😉 and it sounds like they’re happy with you to continue your contract job! Surely I’m jealous of the unlimited leave you get (yes I do know it’s not paid… but just that flexibility would be awesome!). Happy to hear it’s a better work-life balance too, I thnk that’s really important having worked in the cut-throat environment in Asia.


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