These days I struggle with ‘balance’ in my life. Trying to get the perfect (or near perfect) combination of socialising with friends/family, keeping up with course work, making time for hobbies/interests, eating well, adequate sleep, moderate exercising and overall being a good human being is a struggle.

I don’t know about you guys but I for one do not have a good formula, and I’m not sure I’ll ever have it. But that’s life and for the meantime whilst I’m still at uni, I’ll just have to put up with it. Priorities, you know.

Now don’t get me wrong, on the occasion I do splurge and hang out with family/friends but they are a rarity these days. I’ve learnt to savour these binge sessions to help me through the endless articles and essays.

Maybe someday soon, when my life isn’t in a transitional phase, I’ll be able to find balance or decent sleep. I’m willing to settle for sleep. Sleep comes in handy after 15 hrs of staring at a screen, researching the one topic, going down rabbit hole after another till you know longer read words as words but weird squiggly things. Sleep is good.



p.s. I really hope all these grey hairs are worth it


3 thoughts on “balance

  1. Yep, we could all probably do with a bit more sleep (or a lot more sleep) and balance. You’d think that after working full-time for several years, balance would be easier to find, but… I dunno… Maybe there’s no special formula for this


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