When this group blog started, I knew I’d cop out at some stage and just copy a post from my regular blog because I didn’t have time to write an extra, original piece for this blog. I mean, I did want to, but time is such a limited commodity right now. But, instead of just copying and pasting a post onto here, I thought I’d share a few because why not.

In the last few months, these are probably the more significant posts I’ve done:

On superfluity

One of the lessons from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations that has stuck with me the most since reading it earlier this year is that much of what we say, do and think is unnecessary or superfluous. I’ve been working at cutting out or stopping myself from engaging in unnecessary thoughts and actions, and I feel like it’s saved me a bit of time for more important things. But it’s a process, and I’m still working on it. After all, I need more time.

On literature

In July I started reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. I got my copy of this Russian classic in grade 12, but have put off reading it all this time because I didn’t think I could handle it – all those complex Russian names, all those characters and storylines, the sheer length of the novel… To be fair, I always have so many other books on my To Be Read list, so often it wasn’t intentionally avoided. This year I finally decided to tackle it, and I’m so glad I did. Maybe this was the right year for it. I do wonder sometimes if I were to read a book at a different stage in my life if I’d appreciate it as much or in the same way…

On one of my favourite parts of Japan

Yes, I’m still trying to get through documenting my Japan trip from February, and at this stage I’m wondering if I’ll ever complete it, but at least I managed to do a post on one of my favourite parts of the trip: Chion-in Temple. If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, try to include this in your itinerary.

On writing and inspiration

Brisbane held its annual Writers Festival about a week ago, and I was lucky enough to have a day off to attend some panel discussions. There will be more posts to come on my blog (I’m aiming to do one for each panel discussion), but I thought I’d just link to the first one for now.

On accomplishments

Umm… I don’t really know how to summarise/explain this one without just repeating what I wrote in the actual post. Basically, I wrote up a To Do List and an Accomplished List. Not a bucket list. Slightly different. I recommend it for anyone feeling a bit lost or disorientated, or even if you’re just bored.


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