Dear friends, welcome to our shared blog. Thanks for coming on board with this crazy idea.

Following are the rules which I ask you all to adhere to. If you have any questions/new rules for consideration, please contact me.

  • Adhere to the roster. Questions about the roster can be directed to me.
  • Keep this blog access private within our group.
  • Each person has site access for one week.
  • Minimum one post per turn. No maximum.
  • Put your initials (or your unique alias) for each of your posts, unless for whatever reason, you do not wish to.
  • Respect. Respect each others’ views. Respect each others’ privacy.
  • Don’t steal anything off this site without permission from original author.
  • You can write about literally anything; your recent happenings, a current topic, recipes, photos, poems, original stories, reviews, your travels, anything. This is a place to share and create.
  • Enjoy yourself.

See you all on the other side.